Article by Louise Black | 14 Aug 2006
From humble beginnings in Argentina to New York jazz joints and run-ins with Immigration, identical twins, Facundo and Martin Lombard, take us through the turbulent journey of their life to date in Dreamers. They do this by means of a film documentary, linked together with ferocious dancing and the odd attempt at comedic acting.

With their rippling muscles and ridiculously styled matching costumes, the striking twins move effortlessly between hip hop and tap routines, exuding energy and passion for their work. Although their hip hop routines are impeccably put together and extremely impressive, it is only when the boys put on their 'taps' that their dancing becomes electric. Filling the venue with outstandingly intricate beats, they spasm with rhythm, clearly taking pleasure in their audience's evident amazement.

Albeit slightly overdone with cheesy lines and cringeworthy moments, the Lombard twins have created a fun and somewhat unique spactacle - and those exhaustingly complex tap routines are rousing enough to melt even the hardest of cynics.
Pleasance Courtyard, Until Aug 28th, 22.00, £10/£9 (£8.50/£7.50). Los Gemelos Lombard.