Article by Sophie Kyle | 14 Aug 2006
A great production of Abbie Spallen's new play, replete with country music, thick Northern Irish accents, car grease and fucking, this story is set in Armagh but could happen anywhere in the world. Hammy, his wife and the Pumpgirl talk to the audience in a series of monologues, building up the story from three different perspectives. Each influenced by their unique personalities, this play relies on our understanding of what is absent and left unsaid. Impeccably choreographed and directed, each personality is played to bring out the clashing aspects of the others' to shocking reality. At times the dialogue is funny, but the story they tell is an intense and bleak picture of betrayal, rape, inability to deal with emotions, sexuality and lonliness.
Traverse Theatre, 3-27 August, times vary. £12.50(£9). Bush Theatre.