Remember Me @ Summerhall

Review by Steven Fraser | 07 Aug 2012
  • Remember Me

Remember Me is a surreal performance as confusing as it is proactive. Using imagery that evokes a Man Ray photograph, light and darkness juxtapose to give an intimate vision.

Taking place in Summerhall's aptly named Black Tent, the audience is confronted with what appears to be a large glass fronted black box. We are then taken into complete darkness in anticipation of the arrival of our female protagonist.
As the light returns the performer appears behind the glass and outwardly pleads with the audience with a stare that cries sadness. The space is then turned into darkness once again and our performer vanishes. When the light returns a new space is revealed. Mirrors seemingly create a new room behind the glass where the performer faces another mirror.
Light and darkness are further highlighted with the introduction of a light bulb that illuminates the performer, but it is now that you can truly say the performance begins. A personal conflict ensues, where the divergence is between a man and a woman who appear to be imposed over one another.

Gender roles and personae are intertwined creating a space that lives and breathes by its own rules, attitudes and presentation. Remember Me is definitely a performance that is difficult to forget and unquestionably leaves a lasting impression.

3-6 Aug and 21-26 Aug Performances at 3pm, 3.30pm, 7pm and 7.30pm £6 (£4)