Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel @ Summerhall

Review by Steven Fraser | 07 Aug 2012
  • Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel

Red, Like Our Room Used To Feel is an intimate performance by poet Ryan Van Winkle. Part installation, part one to one poetry reading, the audience is taken to the basement of Summerhall and into a small unassuming red room. The room is decorated with books, artwork and photographs. These images could be visual memories or perhaps snapshots taken by our performer. A small CD player in the corner discretely trickles ambient electro music into the room, which adds to the intimacy of the room.

As Ryan prepares a tea, coffee or a glass of port the participant chooses one of four envelopes. Inside we uncover four poems, which Ryan reads out with passion and integrity. The poems vary in nature, with the highlight being an untitled poem that begins with a David Lynch quote.
After the reading the poet departs the room, leaving the CD player to continue. Here we are left to explore the trinkets on the shelf, the typewriter against the wall, the photographic contact sheets, the Daredevil comic books on the floor and a copy of Robert Frank's seminal photo-book The Americans. The performer’s voice re-enters the room via the CD to give us another absorbing poem. As quietness ensues it is our time to exit, however we are left with a memorable performance as visceral as the photographs on the wall and curiosities on the shelf.

4-24 Aug Performances every 20 minutes from 2pm to 4pm and 5pm to 7pm. @rvwable