Queen C*nt - Sacred or Profane? @ Underbelly Bristo Square

Deborah Antoinette and China Blue Fish showcase the grittier side of feminist performance in Sacred or Profane

Review by Grace Lavender | 24 Aug 2018

As its title suggests Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane? is brash, bold and shocking. Written and performed by Deborah Antoinette and China Blue Fish, this is a timely showcase of the grittier side of feminist performance. Vibrant and unapologetic, the audience is kept riveted by a selection of scenes that showcase the creative and parodic talents of Antionette and Fish.

The backdrop to the stage is a huge fabric vagina – although as Fish points out the meaning of the word ‘vagina’ is ‘sheath for a sword’. The pair therefore use a more taboo term liberally. Intermittently, the face of actress Naomi Smyth is projected onto the fabric clitoris. Big Clit is able to impart words of wisdom in between scenes, much to the audience’s delight. In fact, Smyth’s performance is one of the highlights of the show, delivering huge comedic impact as well as a political message.

When not being lectured by Big Clit, the audience is treated to several different scenes concocted by Antoinette and Fish. From Frida Kahlo to the Virgin Mary, the pair constantly subvert and deny conventional narratives about women. While some of the scenes feel less developed than others, all are outrageous and unashamed. The pair both deliver to the fullest, from a hilarious impression of Mike Buchanan (leader of the Justice for Men and Boys Party) writhing on the floor, unable to utter the word ‘feminist’, to the Virgin Mary actually squirting her breast milk at audience members.

Antionette and Fish have crafted a show which is vibrantly political and subversive. There is never a dull moment, and the show hurtles through scenes taking no prisoners. In answer to the question, ‘sacred or profane?’ there can only be one answer. Queen C*nt is definitely sacred.

Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?, Underbelly Bristo Square (Jersey), until 26 Aug, 11.45pm, £8-9

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