Puellae (The Truth About Chips and Other Things) @ Summerhall

Turning thirty isn't so bad

Review by Steven Fraser | 19 Aug 2012
  • Puellae (The Truth About Chips and Other Things)

Puellae is a study into friendship and coming to terms with turning thirty. It is also a subject matter that anyone can relate to. The characters are so engaging, an older audience will be able to look back and recognise themselves and a younger audience will get a glimpse into the future.
What makes the performance stand out is the magnificent script which is faultlessly performed by Samara Maclaren and Nalini Cheety who play the characters of Neve and Tess respectively.
Puellae makes use of a video screen with recorded footage, which sets the scene of the performance and depicts the arrival of the two characters. This screen is also skilfully adopted to showcase the schoolgirl memories of the two characters. These memories are the conflict which drives the story and is a basis for their turmoil and despair.
At times the story delves into the past with the actresses donning schoolgirl uniforms to perform as their teenage characters. Here they capture the innocence of youth and when we return to present day they naturally present the responsibilities of young adulthood.
Overall Puellae is an authentic representation of the process of becoming an adult and the responsibilities that this entails. Nalini Chetty has developed a genuine, believable story populated with two interesting characters and performed with sheer brilliance.

Summerhall 13-15 August 12.00 19-26 August 20.45 £10.00 (£8.00) Suitable for 14+ http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/theatre/puellae-the-truth-about-chips-and-other-things