Pinocchio: Adventures in the Metropolis @ TheSpace, Venue 45

A bold attempt at a popular tale

Review by Steven Fraser | 16 Aug 2012
  • Pinocchio: Adventures in the Metropolis

Pinocchio is a familiar story and this particular adaptation ReShape Theatre look to modernise the tale and present it in an urban setting. The stage setting itself is the strong point. The Metropolis is presented using well-constructed cane towers. These towers are moved by the performers to give the illusion of claustrophobic alleyways and towering buildings. All this adds to the mood and style that is being performed onstage. Muted tones, through lighting and costume design also contribute to the urban setting and add to the theme.
One main problem of the performance is the contemporary take writer/director Paul Collins opts for. The audience will find it difficult to believe that a world populated by a generic looking wooden boy, would also be populated by other children who do tequila slammers, carry knifes and accept a puppet as a living and breathing character.
The puppet of Pinocchio itself is rather clunky and requires three puppeteers to operate. This in itself takes up a lot of space on the stage and can distract from the performance. However overall Pinocchio: Adventures in the Metropolis is a bold attempt at a popular tale and entertains with engaging set design and an enthusiastic and talented cast.

theSpace@Venue 45 13-18 Aug 1.45pm £8.00 (£7.00) Suitable for 14+