(More) Moira Monologues @ Scottish Storytelling Centre

He wowed audiences with the Moira Monologues – and now Alan Bissett is back with More Moira Monologues

Review by Alice Lannon | 22 Aug 2017
  • More Moira Monologues

A very talented performer, Bissett still reduces the audience to giggles with his portrayal of the fiesty wee Falkirk granny. His conjuring of Moira is so skilful and evocative that we are entirely absorbed into her world, and forget that we are actually watching a man several years her junior play the role.

Bissett's overall performance is very entertaining. If you love Scottish comedy in the style of Still Game or Chewin’ the Fat then this one is definitely for you. We watch Moira as she deals with exes and troublesome neighbours, plus engaging in a hilarious discussion about Scottish Independence – all the while falling a little more in love with this endearing character.

However, in some instances, it does feel a little uncomfortable to have a very middle-class Edinburgh Fringe crowd laughing at a cleaner from Falkirk. Moira is a great character but sometimes her portrayal does edge slightly on the side of patronising. It feels like there is more scope for the development of her character beyond merely being a hilarious wee granny. An entertaining evening on the whole, but it will be interesting to see whether Bissett pushes the character development further if Moira is returns once again.

(More) Moira Monologues, Scottish Storytelling Centre, until 28 Aug, 7pm, £12-15