Miracles at Short Notice @ The Point Hotel

"It's a disaster in full swing, nothing short of a miracle can save me."

Article by Antony Sammeroff | 22 Aug 2011
  • Miracles at Short Notice @ The Point Hotel

James Lark , writer of the 2007 award-winning Edinburgh Fringe hit “Tony Blair – the Musical” returns, this time with something a little more esoteric – a new comedy based on the witty and subversive stories of H. H. Munro. Better known by his pen name of Saki, he wrote playfully wicked short stories which satirised Edwardian society.

A very curious contemporary piece, Miracles at Short Notice opens in a house party where the most “dreadful collection of guests” gather and linger beyond their welcome, more to save face than because they are enjoying themselves. Fortunately, roguish young Clovis Sangrail pledges to empty the house and proceeds with his attempts, encountering a series of surprising difficulties. Things turn from the sublime to the ridiculous when the false fronts and household gossip of the guests are exposed through the indiscretion of an unexpected guest. No Spoilers Here!

Miracles at Short Notice includes possibly the most avant-garde and ambitious score of the Fringe, making use of interesting disjointed counter melodies, inharmonic and discordant material as well as melody lines, together with interesting rhythms and some poignant tapping on the rim of the snare drum. The acting is very good, and although things do take a while to heat up, the payoff is really quite intriguing.

14-20th August @ The Point Hotel