Minu1s @ Zoo

Jump Up in Joy

Review by Steven Fraser | 15 Aug 2012
  • Minu1s

JMUpstart Dance Company are a group of female performers who have crafted an exuberant and bold dance piece that has an ability to convey raw emotion. Sharp costume changes and a series of lighting designs work with the choreography to present a vast range of moods and expressions:  frustration, claustrophobia and restraint is presented through muted colours and physicality. However, the performers carry the piece by expressing versatility through a burst of joy and colour. This transforms the theme and performance to showcase a broad spectrum of emotion which adds to the enjoyment and overall experience.
Sound design varies from abstract ambient soundscapes to convey frustration and an almost digital sounding Spanish guitar enhances the theme of expression and joy. The sound at times does let the performance down;  low in volume, when a loud and bold musical score would have been more fitting to the outgoing expressiveness on stage.
For the final movement the performers wear pig masks to present a degree of absurdity to the act. This feels against the grain when compared to the graceful physicality on display, but does not distract from an enjoyable and well crafted performance which utilises engaging physicality and choreography to create a fantastic emotional journey.

Zoo 1.15pm (45 minutes) 8-12 Aug £7 (£5) http://www.zoovenues.co.uk/