Love In The Past Participle @ theSpace, Surgeons Hall

Review by Emma Ainley-Walker | 21 Aug 2013
  • Love in the Past Participle @ Surgeons' Hall

STaG's Love In The Past Participle is yet another piece of new writing penned by a University of Glasgow student, brought over to the fringe. Four characters sit facing the audience and earnestly tell the tale of how they fell unexpectedly in love and how it slowly, or suddenly, moved into the past participle. Considering the four characters sit still at individual desks throughout the whole piece, never even acknowledging each other, they are all incredibly engaging and inviting. You find yourself wanting to hear more of their stories, and rooting for them to succeed, to stay in the positive.This can be said for all the cast, but in particular the two girls have such looks of women in love on their faces that you want them to be happy, to be together, even though the very title of the play suggests something will at some point change this.

This is one of few pieces of theatre at the Fringe classed as both new writing and LGBT theatre, but the sexuality of the characters does not change the trajectory of their relationships or affect how they are portrayed. It is a testament to the play's honesty how relatable each character is. It's easy to see traces of yourself, of your own relationships and of anyone in love, within the words and actions of these characters. They are real people, each with a different story, personality and experience of love. It is heartwarming and easy to watch. A definite must-see.

Love In The Past Participle, theSpace, Surgeons Hall, Until 17 Aug (not 11), Times vary, £7/5