La Donna è Mobile @ Summerhall (Demonstration Room)

Review by Eric Karoulla | 09 Aug 2013

Remote Control perform La Donna è Mobile in the Demonstration Room, which is a very appropriate environment. The medical study of subject A who is encased in plastic unleashes a series of seemingly unconnected outbursts of ‘mad’ behaviour. 

Interpreting this as a piece of absurdist physical theatre, it is natural and expected that it is not supposed to make sense. Moans of pleasure, hip thrusts that at once resemble epileptic convulsions and yoga exercises – these and more make up this exploration of insanity.

The title not only points to the infamous aria from Rigoletto, but can be translated as 'the woman is fickle'. Amid this discourse on madness, it seems intriguing that gender should come into it. Perhaps it is accidental; it is hard to tell in the context of absurdist theatre. Why would it be the woman that is fickle? Women have not long had 'equal' rights to men, and a great deal of the behaviours displayed could be considered normal by today's standards – at least in the context of orgasms in the bedroom. 

Overall, this is a fascinating piece that leaves the scent of strawberry jam hanging in the air.  


La Donna è Mobile @ Summerhall (Demonstration Room), 21:30, until August 25 (except 12, 19), various prices