Kill the Beast: Director's Cut @ Pleasance Courtyard

Kill The Beast's new show is a ridiculous, well-timed, triumphant comedy horror

Review by Grace Lavender | 29 Aug 2018

Kill the Beast’s newest creation, Director’s Cut, is in many ways a triumph. Ridiculous to the point of absurdity, funny, well-timed and parodic, this comedy-horror is sure to make audiences laugh out loud.

It’s the 1970s and the cast of Wallis Byrne Mattavers’ (Ollie Jones) most recent film are working on their final scene. A sudden ‘accident’ has killed the leading lady, causing an emergency re-shoot and much pandemonium. It is against this backdrop that this farcical play takes place.

The four actors all play numerous characters, with quick costume changes adding to the hectic nature of the show. David Cumming is hilarious in his various roles as Vivienne/Laura/others, driving the play forwards. The two onstage TV monitors give the audience a glimpse backstage, adding to the purpose-built pandemonium. Clem Garritty acts as Kill the Beast’s director and designer, and there are many elements of the show – from the onstage and the onscreen to the set and the props – which perfectly fulfill their role.

Director’s Cut is high-energy from beginning to end, meaning some of its jokes are lost in the commotion. This is a show which does not allow itself to build to anything because from the get-go it is so frantic. Equally, the changes in tone between comedy and horror could be perfected. The show has the potential to be actually scary in moments, but this would require a more nuanced approach to mood changes.

That said, Director’s Cut hits its mark in so many ways. Leaving the audience beaming throughout, this show is unashamedly ridiculous, built solely to entertain us.

Kill the Beast: Director's Cut, Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Two), run ended

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