It's Not Cute Anymore @ Underbelly Cowgate

Bel Knight and Clare Hoey's new play is an imaginative take on the corrupting power of ambition

Review by Grace Lavender | 29 Aug 2018

Written by and starring Bel Knight and Clare Hoey, It’s Not Cute Anymore sees two young women, Mimi and Niamh, attempt to make their dreams a reality. Deluded, arrogant and entitled, the girls embark upon a series of scams in order to get their much-sought-after publishing deal.

Mimi and Niamh work at Living Well Magazine but dream of one day publishing their own book. When Niamh hears of a publishing grant the pair have just three days to write the book that will win them the prize. In a series of misjudged and chaotic twists, it becomes clear that the pair will stop at nothing to secure the book signing of their dreams, as they concoct lie after lie, digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole.

Knight and Hoey both triumph in their respective roles. Hoey’s Niamh, the brains behind the operation, is idealistic to the point of absurdity, and Knight’s Mimi is somehow loveably narcissistic. Directed by Tristan Schumacher, the pair are in complete control of the stage throughout. YouTube videos, internet searches and group chats are projected onto the stage at intervals, ridiculing Mimi and Niamh yet further.

It’s Not Cute Anymore is humorous and brash. While some of the gags feel a bit repetitive, it is an imaginative take on the corrupting power of ambition. Knight, Hoey and Schumacher have created two characters who are as likeable as they are dislikeable, a balancing act which takes skill and precision.

It’s Not Cute Anymore, Underbelly Cowgate (Delhi Belly), run ended

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