I Love You Because @ Paradise in Augustine's

“I love you in spite of who you are”

Article by Antony Sammeroff | 22 Aug 2011
  • I Love You Because @ Paradise in Augustine's

First Couple: She’s spontaneous – he’s square – and she’s going to teach him how to really live.

Second Couple: She’s a highly intelligent actuary and he’s a simple playboy that stumbles over his words and thinks everything is “Awesome.” Unlikely as they are together they gradually grow into one another.
Sound familiar?

The idea is that after a break up you need six months to recover and if you want your next proper relationship to be perfect. first you need to date someone terribly wrong, “You could be his miss wrong and set him up for the girl of his dreams.” Naturally the terribly-wrongs evolve into terribly-rights. C’mon! You came to a musical not a Beckett!

If it’s not a particularly original concept, it’s still delivered with style. The opening Another Saturday Night in New York could as easily have been titled Another Typical Show Tune, but there are definitely some musical highlights as the play progresses. One song about getting your woman back by no longer giving a damn climaxes with the line: “What a life changing difference a little indifference makes.” The audience is really beginning to enjoy themselves.

The “fwb” (friends-with-benefits) relationship between Jonty Poward as Jeff and Olivia Holland-Rose as Diana is an excellent credit of the production – their scene where she flirtily refers to him as Mr. Bennett before accidentally putting out his back while making a move is great! The chemistry between the two is extremely tangible throughout the piece. They also share the hilarious number, “That’s what’s going to happen.”

On the whole the ladies are better performers than the gents. Female lead Claire Hall, as Macy, is very expressive in her body language though sometimes her vocal acting is laid on a bit thick and could benefit from a more naturalistic spin.

Paradise in Augustine's


17-29th Aug 2011