HUFF @ Traverse

Review by Eric Karoulla | 19 Aug 2014
  • Huff

As part of the Made in Scotland 2014 showcase, the Traverse theatre hosts HUFF in its atrium, an immersive experience created by Shona Reppe and Andy Manley. Simple as it may sound, this show aims to set adults and children alike in the hooves of the three little pigs as the big bad wolf tries to blow the house down.

With a beautifully designed set and absolutely no face to face interaction with a performer, HUFF unravels the tale through a series of rooms. The cue to move from one to the next comes through a disembodied voice – presumably one of the three pigs – that also offers a little bit of background about the story. While in each room, it’s possible to explore cupboards, tabletops, or in one case, shower accessories. As the tale slips effortlessly from simple background information to the actual event of the wolf’s attack, the spaces get darker and darker, and seem to turn more into crime scenes. 

The intelligent set design and structure of the storyline makes for an entertaining, engaging and enticing experience. At the same time, it isn’t afraid to go all out to demonstrate the effort, innovation and obvious brains that have gone into crafting every elaborate detail, particularly when it comes to getting to the next room. Even if the door looks like a possible exit, it is most likely not the way out.

HUFF, Traverse foyer, until 24 Aug, various times, £6