From Where I'm Standing @ Underbelly Cowgate

Review by Emma Ainley-Walker | 14 Aug 2013

Theatre company :DELIRIUM:'s From Where I'm Standing is a haunting time-travel experience that starts in the present moment in Mumbai, when a disaster forces us to look back at what could have been the cause, and forwards at the consequences. Still, nothing is solid and nothing is completely clear: you must decide what you think has happened, and you'll change your mind so many times by the end that you'll never be certain.

The performances from each cast member are incredibly strong and you find yourself invested in character arcs into the middle of which you are thrown, desperate to know how you got there and how it will turn out. From Where I'm Standing doesn't disappoint.The way that the play has utilised the old and the new perfectly rounds out the performance, with multimedia - including a scary look at what social media may be in the future - and the simple, old school form of communication: postcards. There's something about postcards that is so personal, so touching, that it means more in a world of such social disconnect.

Yet, as we learn, postcards are not enough to make a family.This gentleness, reflected in the flowing movement of scene changes, undercuts a much darker story. A tale of terrorism.

What do these attacks mean and who could have been responsible? You're sure you know, but then you doubt. This is the big success at the heart of :DELIRIUM:'s piece. It keeps you guessing and shows that there are more than two sides and two interpretations to any story. Which is right is up to you to decide. This reviewer knows what she thinks, but would hate to spoil it for anyone else.

From Where I'm Standing @ Underbelly Cowgate, Until Aug 25 (not 13), £10.50/£9.50