Food SKINNYFest 1

Article by Will White | 14 Aug 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen: it is, most assuredly, time to rattle those pots and pans. Theatre company theimaginary body won plaudits, many stars and a Fringe First in 2002 for 100. Hungry for seconds, they've returned to Edinburgh with Food, a new play about the loneliness of the Michelin starred chef.

Frank Byrne is a man on the brink of fame, greatness and a fabled third star but when all this comes his way his world immediately begins to unravel. Sean Campion is on absolutely inspired form as Byrne – a man who has reached almost unimaginable heights and can now only look down the other side – and the supporting cast make a more than fitting accompaniment to this main course.

Food is an exciting new work which neither ridicules the fanciful culinary creations of this world nor attempts to make a hero of the all too familiar figure of the temperamental white, male, genius chef at its centre. Instead, we are presented with a cautionary tale about the façade of perfectionism. Joel Horwood and Christopher Heimann have written a genuine tragedy – by turns intense, funny and sad – which explores the disturbing disintegration of an obsessed mind; this energetic and thoughtful first production more than does justice to their vision.

Ultimately, only one question remains unanswered: will it be green peppers or red tomatoes?