Eggs of Blessings @ Dance Base

Review by Eric Karoulla | 08 Aug 2014

Jade and Artists Dance Troupe and Performance Infinity present Eggs of Blessings, a sweet, yet also dark representation of Taiwanese culture from the 1940s. It follows the narrative of love, pregnancy, betrayal through infidelity, and the celebration of birth. While the piece starts off quite light, the dance gets more and more intense, with the five dancers doubling up for roles throughout.The five dancers must be given credit for taking on so much, particularly when it culminates in such a physical performance. The troupe seamlessly fuse traditional elements with circus-style acrobatics and more contemporary dance styles. Moreover, the joyous and celebratory symbolism of the red egg is made obvious through childhood games like playing with a skipping rope.

The performance is part of a larger Taiwanese culture strand with various shows across the Fringe. Dancebase plays host to two of them: Eggs of Blessings, and Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead, which takes inspiration from aboriginal Paiwan myth. Performed by Tijmur Dance Theatre in collaboration with Performance Infinity, Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead unveils an epic love story through the medium of contemporary dance. By becoming part of this broader Taiwanese culture showcase, Dancebase reaches outside its own programming, this year with a very eclectic collection of works.

Eggs of Blessings, Dance Base, until 24 Aug, 8pm various prices.