Duckie @ Summerhall

Le Gateau Chocolat reimagines a classic fairytale in this vibrant, loud and exceptional show

Review by Amy Taylor | 23 Aug 2018

If the world is a stage, then Duckie, played by the impeccable Le Gateau Chocolat, is in the best possible place. A born performer, this precocious little duckling is determined to find a job in the circus.

Except, they want him to dance, and he doesn’t dance the way he wants to. So begins his sad tale, as he flits, twists and stretches himself in order to become someone, anyone else. From strongman to lion, there is nothing that anyone thinks Duckie can do – that is, until he finally finds his gift, and is accepted for who he is, feathers and all.

A joy from start to finish, Duckie’s message (much like that of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling from which this play is reimagined with big top, glitter, and lots of noise) is about finding your place in a world that may want you to be anything but yourself. Duckie is fine the way he is; he doesn’t need to grow, get stronger, or do anything to his appearance, and this is what makes the play so relatable. While people may tell you that you’re too much of one thing, or not enough of another, there is nothing wrong with you the way that you are, which is a very important message to give to young children.

Vibrant, heartfelt, and featuring Le Gateau Chocolat’s buttery vocals, Duckie is an enriching and vital piece of theatre for children and adults of all ages. After all, why would you want to fit in when you were born to stand out and sing?

Duckie, Summerhall (Main Hall), run ended

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