Dance Base Show 4... Rosie Kay's Wild Party (skinnyfest 2) dance

Article by Jenny Peebles | 14 Aug 2006
The Wild Party is more than Rosie Kay's full-length choreographic debut; it is a remarkably intelligent and confident integration of different genres. Dance, theatre and an onstage jazz trio are wrapped around a poem by Joseph Moncure March, its lines delivered by the four dancers, who play various charismatic roles. Somewhat surprisingly, it really works. It even reveals Kay to be an impressive actress as well as an astute choreographer. The Wild Party shows the carnage of a knees-up gone too far, using the abandoned set-up of a party to lift the veil on emotional brittleness and sexual tension. It is relentlessly engaging, and there are some priceless comic moments from the band members, who play an important part in the atmosphere and ultimate success of this piece. As always, it's the people who make the party - and what a party this is.
Dance Base, until Aug 27, times vary, £11(£7). Dance Base.