Dance Base Show 3... Norman Douglas, Jem Treays & Janis Claxton (skinnyfest 2) dance

Article by Katrina Davis | 14 Aug 2006
Powerful and gripping, this programme has moments that will grab you by the throat. From the moment Jem Treays enters the stage he dictates both pace and suspense with the slightest twitch of his maddened eyes. A tyrannical presence, our attention is driven across a haunted world of whisper driven shudders, and the crazed etchings of chalk. The impact is truly mesmerising. Slower in pace, 'Blue''s images of shattered nerves and fluttering hands will haunt you following Janice Claxton's technically accomplished piece. Although striking, it's effect is less gripping.

The MC of 'To Have and to Hold' cautions us to keep an open mind. In a show featuring Ken dolls, a pig mask and slabs of meat, the surprise thrillers of Show 3 are the Vier Starke Frauen (Four Strong Women). Be warned, these dangerously beautiful sirens will rip any soft expectations to shreds. Their skillful use of staging and choreography creates a framework from which to explore themes of femininity and sexual roles.
Dance Base, until Aug 20, times vary, £11(£7). Dance Base.