Dance Base Show 2... Freshmess, X Factor & Samudra (skinnyfest 2) dance

Article by Katrina Davis | 14 Aug 2006
This is a thoroughly likeable triple bill that can't help but charm. The opening piece by Samudra leaves the audience buzzing. Their work – a fusion of contemporary and Indian dance - is both physically exciting and entertaining. Flavoured by some acrobatics and cheeky boyish grins, the Sound of Silence puts one in mind of two daring youths on the cusp of manhood. In direct contrast - 'Certain Shadows on the Wall' leaves us feeling like unhappy intruders witnessing a lover's spat. 'Little Clue' was given as to why it had started or to whence it would go: more time and more in depth exploration of conflict might have saved this piece from being another notch on an already full board. The show finishes with the cheery enthusiasm and boundless energy of 'Vinyl Lino'. A company that fuses hip hop and contemporary, Freshmess are most successful when they don't attempt to take themselves too seriously.
Dance Base, until Aug 20, times vary, £11(£7). Dance Base.