Dance Base Show 1...Iskander, Curve Foundation, Karl Jay-Lewin & Michael Popper (skinnyfest 2) dance

Article by Katrina Davis | 14 Aug 2006
In this diverse program of four, it is the charged atmosphere, the delicate use of pace and pause found in 'It's About Time', that captures your attention. Simply staged, this piece by Karl Jay Lewin uses an oddly atmospheric soundtrack and low lighting to successfully create an eerie twilight world where its creatures can stutter and stalk.

The rest of the program is mixed, offering a beautifully staged duet between cellist and dancer in Michael Popper's Unbounded - an almost too successful representation of music through dance as it fails to connect with its audience on anything beyond a superficial level.

The opening of the show, Iskander's El Saqiyeh, features stunning costumes which bring the lilting and sinuous movement of this piece to life - otherwise lacking was a performance element that would have driven the themes of rural life across. The close of the program a light hearted choreographic debut by Jonathan Watkins, Beyond Prejudice, is technically accomplished and features some good performances.
Dance Base, until Aug 20, times vary, £11(£7). Dance Base.