Christeene: The Christeene Machine @ Underbelly, Cowgate

Review by Eric Karoulla | 14 Aug 2014

Most definitely queer in both aesthetic and intention, in the Underbelly’s depths lurks Christeene, with dancers C Baby and T Gravel in tow. From the DIY clothes Christeene and the gang wear to the angry, anti-establishment speeches, Christeene certainly makes an impression. With the support of Soho theatre, Paul Soileaus ‘ugly’ creation Christeene marches around on high heels, ass hanging out, and enjoys drinking ‘puppies’ (any form of whisky or bourbon). 

With songs like Fix my Dick and Where Do the Tears from My Pussy Go, this gig is not for the easily offended. Any preconceptions of gender, sexuality, religion, or race you might have will be blasted away as Christeene seems to seek out opportunities to offend, and break down any assumptions people my have. Although clearly not a preacher of any kind, Christeene manages to work the crowd to her liking, and slides seamlessly from a song like Fix my Dick to more horror-inspired, and unexpectedly lyrical, poetry. 

Brilliantly funny, loud, well beyond raunchy, and extremely energetic, even when something goes wrong, Soileau’s character challenges everything about society. Much like Red Bastard, Christeene doesn’t mess around and gets directly to the point, demanding – rather than asking – that we follow our inner pony, although it could be said that Christeene is much kinder to the audience than Red Bastard is. Striking the balance between harsh and motivational, the show appears to provide the best opportunity to open your mind, and leave it bleeding.

Christeene: The Christeene Machine,
Underbelly Cowgate,
14–16 Aug and 18–23 Aug, 10:10p.m.,
various prices