Bullet Catch @ The Traverse

Review by Ryan Rushton | 10 Aug 2012

One could very neatly compare the divergent aspects Bullet Catch maintains with that of high-level circus juggling; not a skill the show’s star William Wonder displays, but one we would not be surprised to learn he possesses. This wonderfully gripping show successfully fuses a historical narrative, a philosophical free will vs. determinism debate, mentalism, magic and a feat of daring that had much of the audience holding on to each other in terrified anticipation.

The reason it all works is the charm of the star, who uses his charisma to involve the audience and guide us through the sometimes disparate events as they unfold. Wonder has an assistant throughout most of the show in an audience member who volunteers to be part of the narrative and aid in the feats on display. Much like a very different traverse fringe offering, All That is Wrong, Bullet Catch revels in its refusal to be categorised under one genre.

Reading the press material and of course the play’s title the climax we are brought to can probably be guessed before entering, however I will not state explicitly what happens and the kind of effect it has. It really is the type of thing best experienced first-hand. What I will say however, is that for the sheer variety of entertainment Bullet Catch provides it is worth the price of admission and that as a spectacle it must be amongst the most dramatic the fringe has to offer.


The Traverse, Until 26 Aug, varying times. http://www.traverse.co.uk