Blind Date @ CanadaHub, Summerhall

Outrageous and miraculously polished, this improvised date takes more than one audience member on a night they won’t forget

Review by Mirren Wilson | 12 Aug 2019
  • Blind Date

When you hear the words “Blind Date”, what do you think of? Cilla Black maybe? That time your best friend set you up with their cousin? Well now you can think of a charismatic sexy clown who sets up a blind date with a willing member of her audience!

Canadian improv company Spontaneous Theatre specialises in adventurous performances that feature a member of the audience as the central character. After a sell-out tour of Canada, Blind Date settles into Edinburgh with an evening spot destined for some fun.

As you enter the space, you’re offered a ‘compliment’ by some bunny-eared waiters – it’s cheeky and lovable already. Mimi the clown, wonderfully crafted and played by Rebecca Northan, is waiting on her date. Once she chooses her scene partner, she gets to the heart and soul of her volunteer. She makes them comfortable, treats them with utter respect and bounces off their energy with immense ease and stylish wit. All that she asks is for them to be themselves. And the audience watch in anticipation.

Unlike most improvisations, Blind Date is full of sensical narrative. Without spoilers, you get so much more than the initial first date and it’s a ludicrous thrill watching the relationship between actor and audience member develop with members of the ensemble contributing to a couple of crafty scenes. It’s also unbelievably moving. Some sensitive moments really show what it is to connect, to be human, and to share a part of your life with another person.

With a smile on your face, you’ll leave the theatre chuckling and amazed at the miracle that you’ve just witnessed. As every night is entirely different, you’ll be wishing for another ticket, eager for more.

Blind Date, CanadaHub @ Summerhall (Kings Hall), until 25 Aug (not 12, 19), £9-11, 9pm