Beulah @ C Venues

Review by Emma Ainley-Walker | 19 Sep 2013

Flanagan Collective's mesmerising musical storytelling show Beulah had its Fringe debut in 2012 and returns once more due to popular demand. It is easy to see why the show pulls in so many repeat audiences. Once you enter the world of Beulah, led by the engaging Ed Wren and Jim Harbourne, there really isn't any going back. It is an experience you want to share and a show you will find yourself recommending to anyone with no qualms at all. Beulah is that rare fringe success that really everyone must see.

The world is created with a mixture of voiceovers, storytelling, puppetry and music. Wren and Harbourne have a way of turning a piece of material into a character you are completely invested in through simple movement and voice. They turn the impossible into the only improbable, happening before your eyes, and you believe them wholeheartedly. 

The music, composed by the two actors themselves, is the most impressive facet of the performance and it will stay with you long after you leave the theatre. There is something special in the combination of instruments and the harmonies of these two men, whose talent is in no doubt at all. The composition of Humans Flying in particular is simultaneously calming, heart-warming, poignantly beautiful and tinged with a sadness that echoes the truths of falling in love in the most eloquent of ways. 

At every Edinburgh fringe there are 4 star shows and 5 star shows that still won't appeal to everyone. And then there's Beulah. It has to be seen, to be experienced and to be felt. Don't let yourself miss out on Flanagan Collective's masterpiece of storytelling and song. 


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