bad things happen here @ Paradise in The Vault

A walk through a terrifying dystopia in this tense, thrilling hour

Review by Clare Sinclair | 14 Aug 2018

Bad things happen here shows us a world under military coup where the darkness is to be feared and curfew must be obeyed. 

Marieta Carrero and Molly Winstead walk us through life in this dystopia through the eyes of multiple characters, never named, but through subtle differences in physiology and voice. And while this could get confusing, their skill ensures we’re crystal clear of who they are at any given moment. What we’re not always clear of is what’s going on in this world, something we share in common with the characters until the very end.

We do know the men in clean uniforms are to be feared. We know the arbitrary ordinances dictating the new rules of this world highlight the oppressing lives these women need to suffer. And those who risk asking too many questions, or are caught in the spotlight of the lampposts, will disappear forever. 

This performance by Healthy Oysters, written by Eric Marlin, would be unnerving at the best of times, but in a world where we see ever-increasing levels of violence and oppression to people who choose to speak out it is captivating, relevant and disconcerting. Lila Rachel Becker’s direction has culminated in a tense, thrilling hour that leaves us strangely hopeful. In a time where we’re challenged by an ever-changing political climate, bad things happen here asks how we might challenge the lies we’re told.

bad things happen here, Paradise in the Vault (The Annex), 2-8 Aug, £8-£6
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