Appropriate @ Summerhall

Like a prosecco fuelled heart-to-heart with your best friend, Sarah-Jane Scott’s Appropriate is bubbly, hilarious and real – yet never overly frothy

Review by Alice Lannon | 07 Aug 2019
  • Appropriate @ Summerhall

Ah, young love in Ireland: slow dancing, mind games, ripping off the competition’s curls whilst dragging her away from your man…

In this delightfully honest one woman show, we are treated to a series of hysterical anecdotes from Sorcha, a runaway bride reflecting on her romantic journey thus far. With classic Irish wit  –  and a sprinkling of hurling jokes – Sarah-Jane Scott deals out some refreshing truths about the façade of the traditional “happily ever after”.

In this Instagram-glazed age of relationships, Sorcha’s mixed emotions on the social rituals of courtship, engagement and marriage feel very wrong to her – yet deeply relatable for us in the audience. Scott’s handling of the material, with her nuanced portrayal of long-term relationships alongside her sensitive depiction of the affection we hold for tradition, is wonderful. Pair this with the perfect balance of hilarity to the piece's more poignant moments, and you have the reason why this performance stands out in a Fringe overflowing with one woman shows.

Given the nature of the piece, this show is well suited to the intimate space of the Anatomy Lecture Theatre. From its simple, stylish set that feels almost like a living room, Scott is able to hold direct eye contact with audience members sitting close by. The feeling that she is almost talking to us resonates with the relatability and honesty that pervades the performance.

This performance is a real treat of the Fringe: with its fat-free script and on-point delivery, it’s never hard work to stay engaged. You’ll laugh, you’ll maybe have a tiny little cry – and you’ll rejoice in no longer feeling alone in wondering why the hell hen parties are so weird.

Appropriate, Summerhall (Anatomy Lecture Theatre)until 25 Aug (not  12, 19), 7.15pm, £8-10