Anybody Waitin’? @ Dance Base

Review by Antony Sammeroff | 08 Aug 2012
  • aw

Highly humorous, more than slightly saucy, often camper than Christmas, (and occasionally strangely reminiscent of a motivational exercise video) Anybody Waitin’ is interactive party entertainment for the pub.

After reminding the Fringe that dance can be funny and sexy – and prone to vigorous audience interaction – two years ago, Ponydance are back to sex up the club scene.

Leonie waits for Paula, Paula waits for a man, while Duane and Ryan coax these two Belfast ladies to embrace the night (while sometimes taking asides to wonder whether they’re secretly destined to be with one another.) If you’re waiting for something to happen you’ve come to the right place!

These four dancing ponies can really move! They spin, squat, jump and jive in perfect synchronicity to a choice soundtrack from 70s disco, to contemporary dance floor classics like Lady Gaga. Fearlessly, they pull the audience into the action, making colloquial conversation collectively and or on an individual basis, then coaxing a few lucky volunteers to join the fun on stage. This proves particularly entertaining, if you can keep up with their boisterous and bawdy sense of humour.


Dance Base @ Silk NIghtclub, 3-16 Aug