And Then The Rodeo Burned Down @ theSpace

Chloe and Natasha's And Then The Rodeo Burned Down is a delightfully queer, sexy and foolish mix of clowning, physical theatre and dance

Review by Rho Chung | 14 Aug 2022
  • And Then The Rodeo Burned Down @ theSpace

Chloe and Natasha's And Then the Rodeo Burned Down catches what every Fringe performer is chasing – it cuts through the noise. From the moment the lights come up and Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 starts, the audience is along for a devastating, heartwarming, and surprising ride. Though the run of this show ends soon, it has already been extended after winning the Scotsman's Fringe First Award. The show is created entirely by the two performers and a lighting designer – this company of three has accomplished a truly unique piece of theatre. 

Two rodeo clowns – or, rather, one rodeo clown and his rodeo clown shadow – jockey for independence as the former fosters his hopes of becoming a cowboy. The story is delightfully queer, sexy, and foolish, and enthralling from start to finish. Chloe Rice and Natasha Roland each incorporate dance, clowning, physical theatre, and plain old good acting into their performances with so much skill that it almost seems accidental. Without giving too much away, the show swings back and forth between regular theatre and perceived spontaneity. As the show progresses, the audience is swept along by a current of Beckettian absurdity.

What makes And Then The Rodeo Burned Down truly special is its heart of gold. At its core, this show is about self-love. It's about seeing oneself reflected in an unflattering light, and about learning to get along despite all of life's disappointments. It's about finding your name, soothing your burns, and honouring yourself. Chloe and Natasha remind us of why we go to the theatre. Maybe we go to fall in love. Maybe we go to learn about ourselves. Maybe we go to watch it all burn down.

And Then The Rodeo Burned Down, theSpace Surgeons Hall (Grand Theatre), 14 Aug, 3.40pm and theSpace @ Venue 45, 15 Aug, 9.50pm, £5-7