And Even My Goldfish' - SKINNYFEST 3

Article by John A Thoumire | 14 Aug 2006
Leed's based Chotto Ookii's (Japanese for "just a little bit bigger")
first foray into the Fringe is a darkly funny look at one man's neurotic
rampage through love's looking glass. And Even My Goldfish uses a blend of
physical theatre and dance to show how dreams of past loves can hinder and
almost debilitate if not kept in check. Throughout the hour and ten minutes,
the audience is treated to an audio and visual feast from the likes of
a vacuum cleaner armed woman with a disconcerting obsession for mental cleanliness, to the haunting yet beautiful dance of a relationship on the rocks. While the pace of the story drops after the initial shock, things begin to even out again as the cast's dark performances tell the tale of the man's lost love and that only he can get himself out of his own twisted cycle of dreams. Chotto Ookii's debut may not be for the faint hearted, but if your feeling game for a full on assault of the senses, then Even My Goldfish has your name written all over it.