An Hour Long Sinister Wink @ The Voodoo Rooms

Terror and Titters

Review by Mark Harding | 05 Aug 2012
  • Creative Martyrs

It's a common comedy trope to be made to laugh at what you shouldn't. Frequently the power is in the cruelty – to laugh at others. The Creative Martyrs, however, have their own species of this effect: not so cruel, but much, much more insidious. In An Hour Long Sinister Wink the audience are made to laugh – not at the misfortune of others – but at their own destruction. 

Not as intricate and elaborate as some of their productions, this year's show concentrates more on the Martyrs' songs and music. But this approach gives them the advantage of more space to exploit their rapport with the audience – putting the punters at ease, giving them a good time. Getting them to agree to appalling things.

The Creative Martyrs have mastered the art of playing on that shocking line between horror and hilarity. Never has the road to Hell been paved with so many japes and jolly songs. Who knew that sinister was so uplifting?

It's hard to think of anything in the Fringe that The Creative Martyrs aren't a match for. Go along and take comfort. In the hands of the Martyrs we can all die laughing.

The Voodoo Rooms, Sun 5-Sat 25 Aug (not Mon) PBH Free Fringe