A Concert of Stories

Musical Theatre telling stories

Article by Betty Lightbulb | 16 Aug 2011

Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö present stories of old and new in A Concert of Stories, beginning with a creation story and delving into more of love, journeys, the other world and eternal youth. Aided by a myriad array of percussion instruments, the stories become song become performance installation become personal. The two shift the instruments about the space throughout the performance, crafting a physical-aural atmosphere for each story and song.

The innovative use of the Chinese drum during the early songs – the running of drumsticks like fingers around the outer spokes - and the stroking and strumming of drum skins plus shaking of bags of marbles later on creating a more sensory experience - sending chills up the arms.

Patrix and Edsjö complement each other in their physical performance - Edsjö involved with her musical execution, her upper body undulating with her drumming and Patrix involved with his storytelling, arms gesturing wildly or shifting weight in his feet as called for by the narrative.

The engagement by Patrix with his audience and by Edsjö with her instruments are gorgeous and uplifting to watch. The two certainly gift each story “its own musical universe”.

Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö, Compagnie du Cercle

Scottish Storytelling Centre 13-28 Aug 2011, 7pm, £8/£6 www.compagnieducercle.fr