The Magic Numbers

Tuneful, soulful pop music, straightforward as you like

Review by Finbarr Bermingham | 10 Aug 2007

The Magic Numbers tend to polarize public opinion. The zealous ranks inside The Liquid Room tonight stand in stark contrast with the detractors of the outside world. The perennial underdogs care little. Their tuneful, sugary but inoffensive music set them apart from the twee maelstrom initially, and despite their follow up efforts being slightly sub par, there's enough material here to guide them through the show with room to spare.

Their set spans both albums, with a timely tribute to the recently passed Lee Hazlewood and a Kate Bush cover tastefully thrown in. An impressive performance is tarnished however by the often dodgy sound control. Angela Gannon possesses one of the sweetest voices in the business. So what do you do? Drown her out with bass, of course. The mind boggles, the Numbers do not. This is tuneful, soulful pop music, straightforward as you like.