The Eggman review - SkinnyFest 1

Article by Jonathan Liew | 14 Aug 2006
Is there a more stereotyped comedy character than the Deep South preacher? Maybe the sportswear-clad chav, or the upper-middle-class snob? Well, they're all present in Mark Lyminister's one-man character-based merry-go-round. As well as the central character, Reverend Jeremiah Macyntire III, Lyminister plays six ordinary people whose souls require salvation. Cue above stereotypes and several too many jokes about "touching people".

If neither the premise nor the gags exactly sparkle, though, Lyminister catches the eye as a character actor of real talent and poise. He's striking and distinctive in appearance (all right, he's fat and bald), yet, through his mannerisms and well-observed verbal tics, manages to lend his creations a depth the writing fails to. In addition, the final narrative twist is a nice surprise, well executed. Though there's probably two or three characters too many, and thus a rather tedious middle section, this is a mildly entertaining frolic by a performer we hopefully won't be seeing the last of.

The Eggman, Baby Belly, until August 27 (not 16), 15:45, £8.50/£7.50 (£7.50/£6.50).