The Comic Book Project @ The Collective

Review by Gabriella Griffiths | 03 Aug 2007
The Comic Book Project involves a number of collaborative events over the course of  August. The exhibition component of this initiative at The Collective is a relatively small affair but packs an amusing punch. It begins with two interactive pieces by comedian John Hegley. A series of 28 cartoons depicting a dog are presented and viewers are invited to make up captions for each; a creative opportunity for the wittier among us. Walking on the water, by asking viewers to "add to the sea life" by drawing and observing the felt tip stylings of previous participants, produces one or two giggles.

In Barbara and Joe, Mel Brimfield uses the scratched realism of her cartoons to tell the highly amusing tale of Barbara Streisand and Joseph Beuys’ fictitious love affair. Streisand’s three breasted Balenciaga bikini Vogue cover is certainly a highlight.

Brian Dewan’s filmed element to this show could not be further away from Kentridge’s animation. I-Strips flicks from one static cartoon to another and its educational voiceover creates a Sesame Street meets Baz Lurhman’s Sunscreen experience.

Sketches by Adam Dant and Edward Ward make for a detailed end to the show. In both cases the attention required is rewarded with subtle complexities and enjoyable comic interludes.