SkinnyFest 3 - Spank!

women, in comedy, nude.

Article by Xavier Toby | 14 Aug 2006
Spank! operates with much the same format as the multitude of other late night shows kicking around on the Fringe, only with a more laid back and chaotic atmosphere. The crowd is boisterous and noisy, and the show feels at any moment like it will spiral out of control. The performance space doesn't help, since it's a lot longer from left to right than other venues, making it difficult for performers to engage with the widely spread audience: it's hard to sell a joke to people who are looking at your back or side. The show still rolls along nicely and its less structured feel works in this environment. If there isn't much electricity between comedian and audience, there are smiles all round from beginning to end.

It's also worth mentioning that Spank! does have something sadly lacking at every other late night comedy show – nudity. It's called the Naked Promo, and - I think you get the idea – performers get nude for an opportunity to promote their shows for one minute. It's been going since last year, and for the first time this year, there have been women involved. That's right: women, in comedy, nude. Let's just hope the trenchcoat brigade don't catch wind of this. (Xavier Toby)
Smirnoff Underbelly, Until August 27 (not 26), 00:00, £11.50 (£10)