SkinnyFest 3 - Simon Brodkin - Everyone But Himself

promises to become one of the country's brightest young comedians. <br/>

Article by Julie Paterson | 14 Aug 2006
Che Guevara, you know, the famous T-Shirt designer? yells Hugo, the rich kid hippy with no understanding behind his beliefs. Brodkin has his three other characters – 'Third Choice' holiday rep Chris, 'chav'-like new father Lee, and Asian Doctor Omprakash – down to a tee, and they all mark out his comic potential. In between these sketches he makes the necessary costume changes part of the act, while performing stand up; it's a nice touch but ultimately lets the show down as some of the gags come across as no more than filler material.

While wittily observed and well written, both Hugo, and his misguided middle class travels, and Lee, with his 'geeza' ranting, are too obvious targets. Dr Omprakash sees Brodkin really come into his own, perhaps helped along by his background training as a doctor. Always empathising with his patients and breaking bad new gently, Omprakash asks a girl for her star sign in order to deliver the diagnosis. "Pisces" comes the reply. "That one works better when you say Cancer," states Omprakash dryly.

Lauded by Harry Hill as "the funniest new act I've seen in years", this is Brodkin's first Fringe. His inexperience shows in the patchiness of his act, but with more performances and the correct platform for his talents, Brodkin promises to become one of the country's brightest young comedians.
Pleasance Courtyard, Until Aug 28th, 17:55, £9.50/£8 (£8.50/£7.00).