SkinnyFest 3 - Scott Capurro

you won't look at poor Katie Holmes in the same light again

Article by Paul Mitchell | 14 Aug 2006
Stop me if you've heard this one before. A comedian (let's call him Scott) walks into a room and attempts to offend the audience by describing his promiscuity in graphic detail. This comedian is gay, which he seems to think adds to the shock factor and thereby permits him to dwell on the same joke for most of his act. In his favour, Craig Hill he ain't, so it's not as tedious as it could be. Scott acknowledges the Edinburgh crowd is difficult to rub up the wrong way yet still manages to produce material that goes very close to the bone. This is his saving grace, because when he's not crudely re-enacting sex with his "nigger" partner, he's casually dropping some cutting remarks about Tom Cruise (you won't look at poor Katie Holmes in the same light again), Tony Blair, AIDS ("so slimming") and, of course, the Holocaust. An über-bitch, Capurro revels in audience banter that is always edgy, but never uncomfortable. The crowd laugh. They might laugh more if the punchline was more original.
Scott Capurro - Yankee Dog-Pig, Stand II, Until Aug 27, 21:30, £8.00 (£7.00).