SkinnyFest 3 - Emotional Midget

The characters exist in a netherworld of non-stop parties, binge drinking and paranoia.

Article by Diana Kiernander | 14 Aug 2006
Emotional Midget is a fantastic comedy drama exploring the everyday effort and disappointment that define contemporary relationships. Set at a fictitious fancy dress party, anywhere in Studentsville, the well-crafted script from Dublin newcomer Morgan Lloyd Malcolm races through the melancholy and melodrama of looking for love in your 20s.

The narrative flips between squabbling sisters, a couple on the verge of splitting up, and a commitment-shy singleton. The characters exist in a netherworld of non-stop parties, binge-drinking and paranoia. The dialogue brims with sensitive insights and hedonistic pride, ensuring this piece rises far above relationship clichés, favouring instead clandestine subtleties. There are subtle literary allusions nestling within this piece, and an almost fairytale-like subscript that says 'there might be a happy ending, but not yet.'

With charming, loopy insecurities and teenage uncertainty everywhere, this is less likely to appeal to an older audience. For anyone who remembers not being ready for love, it's bordering on genius.

Emotional Midget, Smirnoff Underbelly, until August 27, 13:40, £8.50 (£7.50),