SkinnyFest 3 - Danny Bhoy

Article by Ben Martin | 14 Aug 2006
Danny Bhoy shimmies and bounds about the stage, possessed of enough natural charisma, enthusiasm, and energy to rival Alan Davies. He has none of Davies' surrealism and inventiveness, and this lack of spontaneity undermines what is otherwise an admirable set. Bhoy's observations, though very nicely delivered, basically boil down to: Americans are Fat, Rappers are Silly, and Old Things are Nice – hardly staggering in their innovation or insight. The material consequently feels a little stale, but if Bhoy's jokes are hardly likely to set the world on fire, at least they're funny. He never misses a punchline, and although some of his themes are a little awkward, it all hangs together in the end. Danny Bhoy is a good comedian, but his musty material ultimately lets him down.
Danny Bhoy, Assembly Rooms, Until August 28, 19:30, £14/£13 (£13/£12).