Preview: An Audience with Ziggy Stardust's Sister

Feature by Ally Brown | 03 Aug 2007

How boring was rock before Bowie metamorphosed into a peely-wally space alien and sang about Armageddon, dressed in skin-tight metal and shoulder pads? His asexual flamboyance made everything else seem pale in comparison.

Ziggy Stardust was as much a theatrical character as a rock star, so there must be plenty of scope for a talented performer to expand on that afresh. British/Austrian entertainer Barbara Spitz promises a “surreal trip through David Bowie's glamrock landscapes,” inspired by her fan-dom as a youngster, to all who venture to The Three Sisters on an afternoon between the 12th and 18th. You don’t have to just trust her on that though – type this show into and check out a 5-minute preview for free.