Paddy Lannigan -Songs of the Unhinged - SkinnyFest 2

Article by Tommy Mackay | 14 Aug 2006
Quite simply the worst show I have ever seen. Ever. Poor deluded Paddy thinks it's funny to lip synch in front of a screenful of pictures and animated cartoons nicked from the internet. Utterly abysmal, it is actually quite sad to see a middle-aged man with the sense of humour of a ten year-old putting on stupid hats, giggling about anal sex and, most cringe-worthy, having to actually explain his jokes. His unbelievably juvenile fascination for women's genitalia sees him turning the Da Vinci Code into Da Minge Code. I kid you not. A highlight is when someone's mobile rings in the six-strong crowd and they continue to chat away on it. It is infinitely funnier than what is happening on stage, which is embarrassment of the highest order.
Paddy Lannigan - Songs of the Unhinged, The Jazz Bar 1a Chambers St, Aug 14-18, 21-25, 17.30, £5/£3