Laurence Clark review - SkinnyFest 1

Article by Ben Martin | 14 Aug 2006
While almost all comedians claim to be 'unique', Laurence Clark's own brand of 'sit-down' comedy is far more distinctive than most. Having cerebral palsy, Clark uses his unique position to commentate on the trials and tribulations of disability, while throwing in some astute observations regarding tabloids, romance, and religion. Clark is a genuinely warm and affable performer, whose natural charisma could win over any audience. Yet he couples this sunny disposition with material that is sharp, hard-hitting, and often thought-provoking. At his best, Clark is a genuinely hilarious comic who can both amuse and shock – it's just a shame that, ultimately, his set is let down by a succession of weak puns and awkward filler material that fall well short of what this talented and innovative comedian can achieve.

[Ben Martin]