Justin Edwards review - SKINNYFest 2

Article by Will White | 14 Aug 2006
That was the shipping forecast. And now there's just time to tell you about another programme coming up on Radio 4. Former Perrier Best Newcomer Justin Edwards returns to the airwaves with an hour of fun-filled songs and whimsy, covering such diverse terrain as the decline of Hi-de-Hi's Paul Shane, and the plight of high street shopowners. A consummate performer on guitar and a genial host, Justin is just the man to bridge that awkward gap between Front Row and The Moral Maze. A lovely skit about a romantic tryst amongst the novels of a local library is at once sweet, clever and funny and, although there will be times when you might want Justin to cut loose with some of the weirder material, you'll very rarely find yourself without a smile on your face. That's Justin Edwards in Unaccompanied As I Am, at 6.20 on Radio 4. Now it's time to return to Ambridge where Eddie Grundy is struggling to come to terms with Clarrie's addictions and his own burgeoning homosexuality…
Justin Edwards - Unaccompanied As I Am, Pleasance Courtyard, until August 28 (not 21), 18:20, £9.50/£9 (£8/£7.50).