Jeff Green review - SkinnyFest 1

Article by Ally Brown | 14 Aug 2006
Jeff Green is recognisable, as a heckler has kindly reminded him, as a bloke that used to be on the telly, as a comic veteran of panel shows and nostalgic list programmes, and as a warm, likeable guy. Which is just as well. To state the obvious, comedians need to be likeable, but when there are hundreds of other comedians within walking distance competing for each precious crowd member they need to be a lot more besides. Green raises plenty of chuckles when his observational humour is in full flow, his subjects ranging through classic British middle-class concerns - loyalty card dillemas, the joys of becoming a parent, and so on - like Jasper Carrott without the guitar. He can also be forgiven some rustiness on opening night, the odd abandoned joke and difficult audience interaction not helping the flow. Still, it's hard to imagine anyone's facial muscles suffering the pain of a strenuous workout from Green's 2006 material, and really, with the cream of the world's stand-ups to choose from, that's a pain worth seeking.
Jeff Green - Personal, Assembly Rooms, until August 28 (not 14), 19:40, £13/311 (£12/£10).