IMMORTAL (dance section) skinnyfest 2

Feature by Julie Kokkalou | 14 Aug 2006

If you've grown out of jumping on your bed, swining from tree brances and hurtling yourself around the lampost of every streetlight in sheer abandonment, ImMortal will show you why you really should begin again.

"Rooftops are a half-way station between life and death. A temporary home where people have a last chance to live life to the full. [A place where] they are eased from mortality to immortality." This is the realm that nofitstate opens up to us. ImMortal before we even enter the performance area; the cast members weave their way in and out of the waiting audience, the disarmingly adorable accordion player appealing for us to try not to communicate with the outside world until we have returned to it. He needn't worry- for the next two hours thoughts of the 'outside world' are the farthest things from anyone's mind.

All preconceptions are abandoned from the moment a girl appears lovingly pushing a pram containing vegetables instead of a child. The performers "dance" from suspended ropes, bungees and overhanging sheets with a jaw-dropping athleticism whose greatest power lies in its mesmerising grace. A man in high heels and a dress walks up and down a tightrope that is more vertical than horizontal - unbelievable but apparently possible. You watch with the wide eyes, gaping mouth and dumbstruck smile of a child seeing something truly amazing for the first time. The live music, which could be a separate show in itself, vibrates through your body, whipping itself up into a passionate frenzy as the action escalates. The urge to grab hold of one of these bungees and join in is almost unbearable.

At times, the music fades and an ethereal singing takes over. "Cathartic, isn't it?" whispers a woman. Yes, the whole show is cathartic, transporting, and ultimately transforming. At the end, chances are you will feel something has changed. It's unclear what exactly, but the feeling of this piece will definitely stay with you for quite some time - perhaps, if you're immortal, forever.

the space ship @ the out of the blue tramworks, Until Aug 27 (not 22), times vary, £15(£12), nofitstate circus.