Gamarjobat review - SkinnyFest)

Article by Lucy Faringold | 14 Aug 2006
Highly acclaimed 'silent-comedy' practitioners Gamarjobat return to Edinburgh this year with a show that delights and frustrates in equal measure. The opening 20 minutes are superb, as the duo dazzle the audience with a barrage of hilarious mime and relentless visual inventiveness. Youngsters in particular will be mesmerised by the way in which Hiropon and Ketch attempt to outdo each other with increasingly bizarre set pieces. The rest of the performance, a silent play entitled 'City Lights', falls victim to its own ambition as Gamarjobat act out the story of a criminal who falls in love with a blind rose vendor. Here they temper the freewheeling absurdity of their earlier routines in favour of a more linear narrative, and while their performance does contain flashes of inspiration, it does drag on somewhat and never delivers the dramatic clout that it aims to.

[Lucy Faringold]
Gamarjobat, Gilded Balloon Teviot, until August 28 (not 22), 17:00, £11/£10 (£9.50/£8.50)